About Online Schools in Georgia

Georgia is a booming, metropolitan Southern state with a population that matches its energy. The state was home to an estimated 9,919,945 residents in 2012, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The vibrant workforce is served by workers who were often educated in the state’s many colleges and universities. With 4.4 million employed in the state as of February 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Georgia is home to a varied group of workers, in fields as varied as business, finance, trade, and education. With online schools in Georgia, you can earn an education that prepares you to work with potential employers.

You have plenty of choices for higher education in Georgia. The state is home to 200 accredited institutions, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.Online colleges in Georgia are just a few of the available options. The freedom and access of online schools can give students an edge over traditional training—whether you’re interested in a few quick semesters or years in an advanced degree.

Five Reasons to Attend Online Colleges in Georgia

The Census Bureau reports Georgia was home to 3.5 million households reporting between 2007 and 2011. Georgia is defined by the families who call it home, and with degree, certificate, and training programs, Georgia online schools help to work with individuals and families. There are a number of reasons to consider online education in the state, including connection and access to professional coursework.

  1. Constant Connection with Online Classes

    Office hours and class meetings and class meetings are the hallmark of traditional programs, but online training takes connection a step further. Because you can access your coursework on any computer with an internet connection, you can connect to course notes, lectures, homework and feedback anytime at Georgia online colleges. Build on your knowledge in an online forum, logging in from anywhere to complete your work. Instructors online typically hold office hours either by phone or video chat, or students can make contact via email anytime—even in the middle of the night.

  2. Freedom in Online Training

    Whether you’re a full-time parent, full-time worker, long-distance commuter, or anyone who has a busy life, you’ll appreciate the flexibility of online education. Any course means study hours and plenty of work, but with online schools in Georgia, you’re free to go at your own pace. Log on during when the kids are sleeping, during your lunch break at work, or before work in the morning; whenever you have a free moment. Anytime is class time with the online structure, meaning unprecedented access.

  3. Establish a Community Connection

    Getting a degree doesn’t mean you need to move away from your community—you don’t even need to leave the block. Transform your living room or local library into a college with a web-connected campus at online colleges in Georgia. Many programs offer mobile access for smartphones and tablets, making it even easier to get online and access coursework. Not only can you work at your own pace; you can work anywhere you want as well.

  4. Collaborate with Peers and Professors

    Your learning style will help you in any college program, and online training offers specific benefits.Visual learners might prefer video lectures and images, while auditory learners might rather listen into lectures and check in with their professors over the phone. Collaborative learners enjoy working with other students, checking in on the web forum to read and respond to comments. Students enjoy varied learning modes at Georgia online colleges. Potential students should research different schools to find out what’s available.

  5. Faculty and Staff Support System

    Georgia online schools typically offer technical support geared towards any level of computer knowledge;even if you’re new to the Web or computers in general. Schools tend to employ academic guidance professionals who can help you select your courses and search your options for financial aid. Some programs even have dedicated support for active military and veterans, benefiting the702,919 U.S. Veterans living in Georgia, according to Census Bureau reports in 2011.

Working for Students at Georgia Online Schools

The Census Bureau reports that 84 percent of Georgia residents over the age of 25 had a high school diploma in 2011, while only 27.5percent had a bachelor’s degree or higher.Those figures are about in line with national averages, but suggest a gap in education nationwide. Online schools in Georgia help to close the gap by offering an education to students in the varied fields they need—for the job search and for personal growth.

No matter your goal, you should appreciate your wealth of options. Online colleges in Georgia offer an alternative to the traditional educational system and mean benefits for students in rural areas and busy working professionals alike. The schools often feature a rolling which doesn’t require students observe the standard fall or spring semester structure. You can start classes next week, not next year.

Meeting Demand at Georgia Online Colleges

Georgia is experiencing a population boom, and the need for education is booming with it. The Census Bureau reports that the population in Georgia has grown2.4 percent between 2010 and 2012, compared to only 1.7 percent nationwide. The state job market has also seen big gains in recent months, with gains in financial activities, business services, and information services between January and February 2013, the BLS reports. Training programs at Georgia online schools work to meet a growing population and increasing demand.

Georgia online colleges only continue to improve with time, thanks to easier internet access and improvements in technology. As the number of people in Georgia continues to grow and employers expect a higher standard among their applicants, pursuing professional training means improving your chances of career success. Research potential schools, check out financial aid options, and learn more about Georgia’s higher education options on this page.

Browse Georgia Education and Demographic Information

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U.S. Census Bureau: Georgia Quick Facts
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Top Online Colleges in Georgia

School Name Program Types Enrollment
Albany State University Campus, Online 4,663
Albany Technical College Campus, Online 4,729
Altamaha Technical College Campus, Online 1,410
Atlanta Metropolitan State College Campus, Online 2,782
Atlanta Technical College Campus, Online 4,491
Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School Campus, Online 736
Augusta State University Campus, Online 6,741
Augusta Technical College Campus, Online 4,392
Beulah Heights University Campus, Online 845
Brenau University Campus, Online 2,789
Brown College of Court Reporting Campus, Online 251
Central Georgia Technical College Campus, Online 6,038
Chattahoochee Technical College Campus, Online 11,564
Columbus State University Campus, Online 8,307
Columbus Technical College Campus, Online 3,906
Darton State College Campus, Online 6,097
DeVry University-Georgia Campus, Online, Hybrid 4,100
East Georgia State College Campus, Online 3,435
Everest College-Atlanta West Campus, Online, Hybrid 484
Everest Institute-Decatur Campus, Online, Hybrid 717
Everest Institute-Jonesboro Campus, Online, Hybrid 464
Everest Institute-Marietta Campus, Online, Hybrid 287
Everest Institute-Norcross Campus, Online, Hybrid 573
Fort Valley State University Campus, Online 3,896
Georgia College & State University Campus, Online 6,636
Georgia Health Sciences University Campus, Online 2,442
Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Campus, Online 20,941
Georgia Military College Campus, Online 1,701
Georgia Northwestern Technical College Campus, Online 6,185
Georgia Perimeter College Campus, Online 26,996
Georgia Piedmont Technical College Campus, Online 4,308
Georgia Southern University Campus, Online 20,212
Georgia Southwestern State University Campus, Online 3,046
Herzing University-Atlanta Campus, Online, Hybrid 467
Interdenominational Theological Center Campus, Online 425
International School of Skin, Nailcare & Massage Therapy Campus, Online 370
Kennesaw State University Campus, Online 24,175
Lanier Technical College Campus, Online 3,570
Luther Rice University & Seminary Campus, Online 1,348
Macon State College Campus, Online 5,702
Mercer University Campus, Online 8,329
Middle Georgia College Campus, Online 3,424
Middle Georgia Technical College Campus, Online 3,703
Moultrie Technical College Campus, Online 2,224
North Georgia College & State University Campus, Online 6,067
North Georgia Technical College Campus, Online 2,531
Oconee Fall Line Technical College Campus, Online 1,868
Ogeechee Technical College Campus, Online 2,181
Okefenokee Technical College Campus, Online 1,333
Savannah College of Art and Design Campus, Online 10,826

Other Online Colleges in Georgia

School Name Program Types Enrollment
Savannah Technical College Campus, Online 4,669
Shorter University Campus, Online 1,696
South Georgia Technical College Campus, Online 2,278
South University‰ÛÒSavannah Online Campus, Online 22,544
Southeastern Technical College Campus, Online 1,826
Southern Crescent Technical College Campus, Online 5,155
Southern Polytechnic State University Campus, Online 5,784
Southwest Georgia Technical College Campus, Online 1,764
Thomas University Campus, Online 1,114
Toccoa Falls College Campus, Online 778
Truett-McConnell College Campus, Online 921
University of Georgia Campus, Online 34,816
University of Phoenix-Atlanta Campus Campus, Online, Hybrid 1,810
University of Phoenix-Augusta Campus Campus, Online, Hybrid 1,182
University of Phoenix-Columbus Georgia Campus Campus, Online, Hybrid 1,148
University of Phoenix-Savannah Campus Campus, Online, Hybrid 681
University of West Georgia Campus, Online 11,646
Valdosta State University Campus, Online 13,089
West Georgia Technical College Campus, Online 7,331
Wiregrass Georgia Technical College Campus, Online 4,530